Rodrigo Pons


Aslimoski, Pons and Wakisaka are statesmen for international football

By Brad Bournival Football, like other sports, takes a physical toll on the body. It also can be poetic and provides a lifetime of memories. Because of the physicality, the average NFL career is 3.3 years. That’s what makes what Brazil’s Rodrigo Pons, Australia’s Jason Aslimoski and Japan’s Yasuo Wakisaka are doing amazing. Pons, 32, Aslimoski, …

07 12 Brazil South Korea photo

Brazil 28, South Korea 0

By Brad Bournival CANTON, Ohio – Label the Brazilians a squad of fast learners. A team that wasn’t founded until eight years ago, Brazil figured out how to win at the International Federation of American Football World Championship level in just its second game. It came against South Korea on Sunday at Tom Benson Hall …